Whirl-Wind Wednesday, Thankful Thursday, and Recipe Reveal

"Bit of a busy day today, I'm afraid.  Distressingly little time for sloth or idleness."  Name the movie...  I know that my brother could, as for the rest of you, I'm looking forward to being delightfully surprised at finding out who has seen it...  and NO cheating.

When I shared HERE about our day, it was a quiet and fairly calm day at home.  Today was not that day.  But, I like both for their different reasons and I wouldn't want one or the other ALL the time.  SO, here's a (much more brief!) recap of our day today.
- C up too early (5:30) again...sleeping patterns have been a bit crazy lately
- got her settled with movie, milk, and dry cereal until I was awake enough to function...ended up dozing off and thankful G got up to be with her
- coffee is a matter of priority these days given the sleeping patterns, so took care of that...
- put roast, potatoes, carrots in crock pot for friend's dinner (thankful i took time the night before to peel),

- green beans in second crockpot

- C requested eggs, so scrambled some for her.
- cleaned up kitchen, various odds/ends, quick e-mail check for pertinent info for morning
- gathered library books/movies due back
- showered, prepared for running a few errands (backpack, library bag, grocery list)
- got C dressed and ready to go
- no word from a lady i had discussed meeting, so we had an hour to kill before storyhour...
- C played, I researched some Autumn books for both of us online to get at library, and made a phone call
- headed to Storyhour early to get books first and play with magnet tables.
- following Storyhour, quick stop at Aldi for few items, grabbed lunch at CFA to keep C awake on ride home
- stopped at 2nd library that is closer to home and where i picked-up my "holds" THIS book, and THIS book. 
- home, and C was almost asleep, carried her in and straight to bed for nap
- unloaded car and put away books, movies, groceries, etc.
- straightened house, checked e-mail
- made cinnamon bread (recipe HERE) and ginger crinkles (TOP SECRET recipe HERE)

- cut up fruit (15 min phone call during)
- cleaned up kitchen, packed up food to take to friend
- C up from nap, got snack for her
- bags ready, food ready, head out to deliver dinner
- back home for about 30 minutes, then head to small group (so glad we eat together and i had an easy contribution tonight!)
- there for just over 2 hours, home and fix C a snack since she ate a light dinner, sat with her while she ate
- C ready for bed and to bed
- G was sweet and unloaded d/w, reloaded, and washed a crockpot for me while I was reading stories, etc.
- put away beef broth from roast, and washed 2nd crockpot
- straightened house, did today's reading for the GMG Fall study (click HERE)
- started this blog post, C woke up crying...
- she's settled and here I am trying to finish... 

So...yeah...it was pretty much a non-stop day for me.  But, I'm really thankful to have the energy for it -- when you've recently experienced NOT having the energy for it, you become really thankful for that which you do have! :-)

This is the "catch-all" post because I don't feel like making lots of little posts. The Thankful Thursday theme might stick around though...or it may be more sporadic.  Ever since beginning to read this book...
click HERE to go to amazon.

...I am even more aware of the little things in life for which to be so very thankful.  I need to designate a journal specifically for recording this, because at present they end up on whatever little slip of paper I can find lying around at the time that they pop into my head.  So, it's not a formal list, but it's what was on my mind and heart these last few days.  

- Christmas music...in September
- Candles
- Pumpkin Spice Creamer in the dark of early morning
- snuggling a little girl in fuzzy jammies
- a husband whose thoughtfulness and consideration for me I often take for granted
- watching said little girl dig for raisins in her cereal
- quiet moments in the Word
- piles of laundry to wash, dry, fold, and put away
- friends to talk to on the phone
- the smell of pot roast, cinnamon bread, and ginger crinkles all at the same time
- a small hand in mine
- his strong arms holding me close in the first waking moments
- watching her sleep and wanting to freeze time
- His gift of passages and themes all connected...NOT by coincidence

Thanks for reading a much-longer-than-intended post.  :-)


Karen said...


you are doing an excellent job with this blog. love it. keep it coming.

Amanda said...

thanks for reading, AND for the encouragement!! :-)

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