journal of a housewife (sans desperation)...

a friend and i were talking recently about how our perspective has changed since becoming mothers, and how it doesn't take much for us to feel like we got a lot done in a day...but, i know for me that didn't happen right away and i really struggled with NOT being able to get as much done as i used to...but, it really is all about perspective and realizing that training these little souls and minds is our most important job and the rest will get done...eventually. :)

follow that up with a recent blog post by another friend (HERE) which i thoroughly enjoyed reading (mom says it's 'cause i'm nosy...i say it's 'cause i miss my friends and like to know how/what they're doing), and i decided to give you a glimpse into a stay-at-home day here.  i really do like hearing what other moms/families are doing, so any of you bloggers out there, feel free to copy the idea...like i am doing.

i should start by saying that yesterday was a bit of an unusual day for us for several reasons...C was running a fever all day (2 year molars???) and i had extreme nausea coupled with unusual amounts of energy (combo of 1st and 2nd trimester?!?)...so it was a low-key day and yet i was still able to be productive as C didn't feel like doing too much. (we won't go into the amount of elmo watched yesterday, but when a usually active 2 year old spends much of the day lying on the couch...)

i love to listen to music and i like the way that certain music sets the tone for our home/day.  so, when we weren't listening to elmo, we listened to these cds...

  • made breakfast (eggs & biscuits), C assisted
  • got very, very sick while cooking and scared C (she had no idea i could make those sorts of sounds!)
  • cleaned up from breakfast, dumped ice trays, loaf of wheat bread in breadmaker
  • cut-up cantaloupe that has been sitting on counter for 6 days smelling very strongly... (C helped taste-test while i cut...)
  • set-up C's art things in dining room so she could color for a while...
(yes, she is in her jammies...fever days call for jammies.)
  • fought with a new box of stretch-tite (my favorite plastic wrap, btw...usually works great, but the beginning was a little rough going for this box)
  • discovered a load of laundry in the washer that had been sitting for 2 days...restarted :-(
  • made casserole for the freezer and worked on menu for next week
  • read and cuddled with C for about 30 min.
  • switched laundry over to dryer/started cleaning washing machine using THIS method
  • bread out of machine, cleaned kitchen, started dishwasher
  • folded 2 loads of laundry that had been sitting in the laundry room mocking me for 2 days
  • straightened the house (along with stopping to have a tea party with C and play restaurant)
  • folded laundry
  • made lunch - oatmeal for C (her choice), leftover chicken & broccoli alfredo for me (yum!)
  • cleaned up, bread in oven, banana wheat bread in machine (recipe HERE)
  • napped with C for 30 minutes, checked e-mail, blogs, facebook, pinterest while she slept
  • clipped coupons from the last week and the ones that mom sent in the mail
  • snuggled with C on the couch and shared a snack of warm banana wheat bread with PB :-)
  • talk to my dad on the phone, played tea party and blocks with C
  • worked on coupons some more
  • snuggled with C on the couch and watched Little House (oh so dreary!)
  • made dinner/started to unload d/w but got phone call (thanks for finishing, G!!)
  • cleaned up from dinner
  • sat on couch with C...she fell asleep...i fell asleep...30-45 minutes
  • fixed snack for C (glad she wanted to eat!)
  • went to bed at 9:30 (i know...party-animal!)
so there ya have it...i think C started feeling worse as the day progressed, thus the frequent snuggling in the afternoon/evening, but i was happy to snuggle and thankful to be able to do so.

what do your days look like?

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