Tuesday Tips: The Oldest Tips in the Book

These were found in the October 2011 issue of Parents magazine.

1) Use a lingerie bag to keep kids' socks from getting eaten by the washer or dryer.

2) Empty wipe containers make great organizers for arts & craft supplies - and just about anything else. (or any small plastic containers for that matter. look around and use what you have!)

3) Use the zippered plastic bags that blankets and linens are packaged in to store clothes, toys, and more!

4) Turn a pair of old tube socks into knee protectors for crawling babies by cutting off the feet.

5) A piece of nonskid shelf liner makes a kid-friendly place mat that keeps cups and plates from sliding around.

Tuesday Tips won't always be a list or more than one tip, but I read this list last week and decided to share. All pictures were found using pinterest. (of course.)

1 comment:

sherri lynn said...

These are great tips! Now I just need to have some babies to use them on :) I might have to even steal a few wipes containers from my sisters - I love organizing!

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