May 28, 29, 30, 31

May 28 - Fish Face with the fish...

May 29 - all dressed up for a princess birthday party

May 30 - I love this guy...so naturally I put his picture on my phone...

May 31 - Beauty

May 31 - So glad I was up early enough to see this...

May 31 - the intricacy

May 31 - but that face...


May 26

May 26 - Phone camera quality in a dimly lit barn doesn't make for the greatest picture, but holding a 1-week old bunny was definitely cause for a photo or two four.  She declared this to be the BEST part of the day!


May 21, 22, and 25...

May 21 - She's figuring out how to jump rope...

May 21 - And it's really fun to watch...

May 21 - Playing Lifeguard

May 22 - My sweet husband of 10 years brought me a dozen of these beautiful roses!

May 25 - Let the summer begin!


May 14, 17, 19, and 20

As is typical when I try to blog on a daily basis, some days just get skipped.  I think I've missed at least 3 this month so far...

May 15 - There simply are no words.

May 15 - She used to just smile whenever I tried to take her picture...

May 15 - Occasionally, she still does. 

May 17 - Saturday mornings are for Jenga games and Oatmeal, right?

May 19 - I can't believe these roses are still this gorgeous one week later!

May 19 - Harvesting peas from our garden

May 20 - I'm one of those crazies that finds ironing therapeutic

May 20 - No one was injured during the process

May 20 - I'm so thankful every time I see honeybees

May 20 - Honeysuckle

May 20 - I'm glad for the bumblebees too


May 14

May 14 -- Look what we discovered today!

May 14 - We are thrilled to be harvesting our very own strawberries this year...we just wish they were a little sweeter!


May 12 & 13...

May 12 - We are excited to be picking, washing, and eating the first fruits of our 2014 garden.

May 12 - This is our first year to grow Kale.

May 12 - Lettuce (2 varieties)

May 13 - As if my weekend wasn't exciting enough, I came home to a dozen white roses for Mother's Day.

May 13


Weekend Getaway in the ATL (May 9, 10 & 11)

You may have noticed that I've missed a few days in my Photo-a-Day-in-the-month-of-May journaling... or maybe you didn't.  A picture for May 8 just didn't happen...sadly.  I was quite busy that day preparing for a romantic weekend away with my husband.  We are celebrating our 10th anniversary on the 22nd of this month and we were blessed to be able to take a short trip this past weekend.  We joked that the theme for the weekend was Eat, Drink, and be Married...  and, that's pretty much what we did...


On the way into the city, we stopped for lunch at the Canoe Restaurant and enjoyed a scrumptious lunch on the patio which overlooks the Chattahoochee River.  We highly recommend the Salmon Burger and Fish Tacos...but we especially recommend the Truffle Fries.  I'm pretty sure I have never eaten French Fries until now, y'all.  The absolute freshest fries I've ever tasted, fried to perfection and tossed with fresh parmesan, sage and rosemary.  Drool.

We were stuffed after the fries and our lunch, but our waitress convinced us to try {a smaller version of} their famous dessert, the Buttered Popcorn Ice Cream Sundae.  It is homemade Buttered Popcorn flavored ice cream, drizzled with caramel syrup, and topped with homemade cracker jack.  It is phenomenal.  When she first told us about it, the ice cream didn't sound too good to me, because I can't stand those popcorn flavored jelly beans and that's what I was imagining.  This doesn't even compare.  Apparently they soak buttered popcorn in cream and then strain it to make the ice cream so it truly is flavored with buttered popcorn.

After lunch, we headed into the city and visited The World of Coca-Cola.  This was a really fun afternoon spent together and the museum is very interactive which makes it even more fun!  SO much memorabilia associated with Coke.  

I don't normally drink soft drinks, but by the time we got through the whole place and had read and seen and heard so much about Coke, I was desperate to have one!  We enjoyed tasting Coke products from around the world...

But nothing beats the taste of the real deal...

When we left there, it was pouring rain and we had to run to the parking garage and we got soaked!  We drove a short way to where we were staying at the Loews Hotel, downtown.

We were very pleased with the hotel and really enjoyed our stay there.  We opted for a corner room which had a bit more space than we were expecting and of course the view was great from the 18th floor.

Greg had a taste for a good steak for dinner, so we decided on STK which happened to be right around the corner from our hotel.  Since it had stopped raining, we enjoyed walking to dinner.  STK was a fun modern restaurant with a very intimate feel.  We had a cozy table and enjoyed great service.  The food was incredible.  (This picture is from my phone and doesn't do it justice!)

After our dinner, our waiter brought out more plates and said, "There might be something else coming for you guys..."  He showed up with a bag of freshly made doughnuts and two kinds of caramel dipping sauces.

They melted in our mouths.

The next morning, we decided to keep things leisurely and ordered room service for our breakfast.  This was a real treat and we were definitely spoiled!

After breakfast, we headed to Piedmont Park to check out the Green Market {farmer's market} that is there on Saturdays.  The park itself is gorgeous and we loved looking at all of the items being sold...fresh veggies, local pie, fresh coffee, soaps and bath products, fresh eggs, goat cheese, various sauces and condiments, and the list goes on!  We tasted some fresh strawberries, goat cheese, and more.  We enjoyed walking around the park for a bit afterwards.

When we finished at the park, we went to Mary Mac's Tea Room for lunch.  When we drove up and the sidewalk was packed with people, we wondered if we would even get in, but since there were only two of us, we were able to be seated right away!  This restaurant is the ultimate in traditional Southern food.  Greg enjoyed Fried Chicken, Butter Peas, and Creamed Corn while I sampled the Macaroni & Cheese, Squash Souffle, Green Beans, and Cheese Grits.  The bread basket was delightful as well.  We were really hoping we'd have room for Banana Pudding or Peach Cobbler, but alas, we were so full.

Saturday night we enjoyed a casual dinner at Max Lager's Wood-Fired Grill and Brewery.  Greg enjoyed another great steak and I wanted something a bit lighter and the Chicken Maxadilla's did not disappoint.

After dinner, we met up with some friends and headed over to see the Braves play the Cubs!  We had crazy-good seats and despite a 1-hour rain delay had a great time with our friends and enjoying the game.  Lots of good plays, and nothing compares to the energy that is felt in a stadium that size!

Once the rain moved through, the skies cleared out and the view from our hotel when we got back was really beautiful.  Love the night-lights.

After a late night Saturday, it was so nice to be able to sleep in on Sunday and we were glad for a late checkout at 12pm.  We wanted to explore the Virginia-Highland area and walked around a little bit, but discovered we were both feeling really tired.  We decided to try the Atkins Park Restaurant located in the Virginia Highland area.  While our experience wasn't the best here, we did enjoy our time together.  

After a late brunch, we headed back home.  We are still reveling in the special time that we had together celebrating 10 years of God's faithfulness to us in our marriage.  I am blessed beyond what I can describe when I think of the way that my husband loves me and cares for me.  He is still my very best friend and I love to be with him.  We had so much fun together and I am so thankful that we can say that after ten years of marriage we love each other more than we did when we said, "I do."  God has been so faithful to us throughout the last ten years and we are excited to see what He has planned for us in the next ten {and beyond!}.
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