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I alluded to this post earlier in the week, and I am finally getting around to sharing it.  I originally thought I would post it on Tuesday, but seeing as that is Valentine's Day, I might have something more love-ly (!!!) to post. :-)

This notebook has really helped to organize and simplify my day-to-day activities.  I really love having all my notes in one place rather than lots of pieces of paper all over the place, and it keeps me better focused.  I realize that putting together something like this is a daunting task -- it took me over 2 years to finally get around to doing it -- and that is why I want to share mine with you, as well as some of the resources that I found for making it.

This is my first Vlog, and I do not actually appear in it -- my voice, my hand, my leg at one point... that's it for me, but you do get up close and personal with my notebook...  Please consider that a disclaimer for anyone who gets a bit "sea-sick" from watching the video.  You have been warned.

Below are some links to places where I found my FREE printables...there are lots of SUPER cute printables available on etsy and other places, but I am cheap and unwilling to pay for them, when these suited my needs just fine.  I found it helpful when starting to compose this book to look at what others had used for their tabs, content, etc.  Some home notebooks have information regarding paint colors, appliances, fabric swatches, etc for home decoration, as well as children's medical and education information.  I have a file box where I keep all of that sort of thing for now and my notebook is not something that I will be carrying around with me.  It mostly stays on the counter, except for my planning outings to Panera or Starbucks. :-)

Here are the tabs that I currently have:
To Do
1000 Gifts

Household Management 101 - Checklists and Printables
I Heart Organizing - Blogger's Binder linkup (lots of ideas)
Week at a Glance printable
Passionate Homemaking - Building a Home Planning Notebook
Life Your Way - TONS of Free Printables
Daily, Weekly, Monthly Cleaning Tips
2012 Declutter & Organize Calendar
Inspired to Action - a few free printables towards the bottom of the page

I welcome your comments and questions, and please, if you have a notebook like this of your own and have blogged about it, share the link in a comment!  We can all learn and benefit from each other.

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Avamum said...

Great ideas and organization tool. Having a home notebook keeps busy mothers on track -I am constantly updating and changing mine too. I especially liked the annual de-cluttering tool. Unlike you, my little pocket is full of receipts that I might want to keep...I try to empty it once a month or so. Thanks for the post and god bless you and yours!

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