Summer Highlights {major photo dump}

Blogging takes a good bit of time...and {free} time is not something I have a lot of lately.  I had hoped to make this a nicely laid out post listing all the events of the summer in the order in which they happened, but blogger is grumpy on this rainy Monday morning and is not cooperating with me, so I'm just dumping the photos, even though they are all mixed up and that drives {Type-A} me crazy!  Alas...

A big highlight of the summer was C's 5th birthday!  A Frozen pool-party.
(Not a Frozen-pool party)

Totally Enamored.

We helped to care for a stray puppy this Summer,
and this was our last photo with her before she went to her new home!

We found a baby praying mantis and captured and examined it.

This little scientist loves observing things through the magnifying glass!

VBS this Summer was all about BUGS!

Good friends and ladybugs = smiles all around!

A little trampoline fun...

Or how about swimming in a sea of foam blocks?

These two were good buds.

Baseball is her favorite.

This little butterfly was fascinated by something on her fingers...

G and his Dad had a little fun with the camera one night...

World Cup.

Hummingbird watching...

They are most active when it's raining, it seems.

We have lots of cardinals too.

We didn't end up doing much Summer Gardening,
but we did enjoy a few sunflowers.

This summer we left the world of floaties & training wheels.

She still falls sometimes...

...but she gets back on and tries again.

Umm...when did she get big enough to ride a bike?!?

I feel like I have fallen in love with this man all over again.
He is truly a gift to me and sweeps me off my feet daily.
And, he just gets more handsome with age, if I do say so myself. 

The need for speed?

This is a regular site around here...

She's our little grill-master in training...

We got to meet "Elsa" this summer...C was SO overwhelmed,
I think she forgot how to smile.  This was the best we could get.

Park Days...

Pool Days



Puppy Play in Pajamas...



Field Trips!



We are beginning our second week of kindergarten.  The first week was a lot of adjustments and getting used to everything, but we had a great week.  We are so excited about this new step and new year!

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