Five on Friday

First of all...I can't believe no one got the movie quote...  Guess I'll be needing to have a movie night at my house soon, huh? (complete with web-cam for those of you at a distance)  This movie has a LOT of good lines in it...  And I tend to quote them all the time.

Okay -- on to the 5...in no particular order...

1) Laura, one of the contributors at Tidy Tangle, posted about Toddler Lessons: Faith, HERE.  It's a short post, but the example she used really hit home for me.  "We have such faith in God as our provider and in his sovereignty, but the world makes us question "where is God?" and "is He going to do what he promised?"

2) THIS post, an abbreviation of a Tim Keller sermon entitled, Praying Our Tears, was sent to me by my mom.  Since I didn't get around to looking at it until after 11pm one night, I was struggling to get through the paragraphs, so I decided to try listening to the actual sermon.  It grabbed my attention, and I was alert for the whole thing.  It really is excellent.  I might be becoming a TK groupie...  The point is that if we are to honor God with our tears, grief and suffering, we need to expect, invest, and pray our tears.  The sermon is just over 30 min long, and about 1/3 of the way through it starts over again for some reason, so it appears longer than it actually is.  It really is worth listening to if you can make the time.  HERE is the direct link to the sermon.

3) Passionate Homemaking makes it to the top 5 again this week with a post entitled: Impacting Your Child's Blueprint. (click)  A blueprint?  What's that?  "We all have one -- it's the mindset that shapes our thoughts and actions for all of life.  Blueprints are set at a young age, often by a child's first impressions on an issue."  This is a good reminder to look closely at what we're teaching our children (even unintentionally) about things such as self-worth, body image, technology and God, as well as the book learnin'.

4) Sally Clarkson hits the top 5 again this week with a post entitled: Home is about the life, not about the Perfection. (click)  This is an excellent reminder for those of us who struggle with perfectionism, and also good to remember to "live in the moment" and sometimes it's okay to make messes and let go of the neatness and order...  "A home is a place of life filled by a mother whose life is contagious because of her sparkle in the midst of messes, her laughter in the midst of duty, her song pervading the whole place - the music, feasts, art, joy of life..."

5) And, finally, what Friday 5 post would be complete without a mention of food?!?  THIS sinful recipe comes via Brite via Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman.  I'm thinking I just might have to make these this weekend...when there's other people around to (help me) eat them...'cause I have a thing for maple...anything. :-)

obviously the photo was taken by Ree, and NOT me. :)

Happy Weekend! :-)

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sherri lynn said...

I'm going to have to check out that Tim Keller sermon - it sounds really good! And yes please to those cinnamon rolls!!

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