We've been wanting to get a garden in this year, but for one reason or another we were delayed.  Finally, I was able to get some boxes together for raised beds, and we purchased and planted some veggies yesterday!  We're on a smaller scale this year as we're trying the beds...I hope to add two more...one to begin some fall plants, and one for composting.

This first box is what I am calling the "salsa box" as it contains 4 tomato plants, 4 pepper plants, and basil seeds.  I can almost taste the fresh salsa right now.

The second box has cucumbers and beans...  and, those are my mums from last year that are growing quite heartily this summer!  Hopefully they will be beautiful enough to put on the porch this fall.

Some other "growth" around the yard includes...

very colorful zininas

chives...post trim

LOTS of roses

We're also enjoying the rosemary bush hedge, a newly blooming pink geranium, lavender, parsley, and strawberry plants.  Pictures of those soon?  Perhaps.

Stay tuned for future posts and watch our garden grow. 

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