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I mentioned in my last update post that I was getting back into couponing...  I haven't decided if I will stick with it or call it quits for good, but for now I am pressing on.  Trips like my most recent one to Target definitely make it hard to quit.  These are pictures from a short trip for some easy bargains.  This trip didn't require too much planning.

I used a lot of Target store coupons available on Target's website...most, if not all, of the Target store coupons state "limit one per transaction," even though you can print two per computer. Several months ago when I was shopping and using some of these coupons, I had separated my items into separate transactions to account for this.  The cashier said that it was no problem for her to ring them all on one transaction and still use all of my coupons.  I went into this trip thinking that was this particular store's policy, only to discover (from a very impatient cashier) that it apparently is a cashier's choice as to whether or not they will accept it. For this trip, it only affected my deal for the dog treats, so it wasn't a big deal to just separate everything into two transactions, and the dog treats were still a good deal.  

When I first started couponing in 2008-2009, it was easy to get free stuff ALL the time...it wasn't always the healthiest, though.  Now, I'm finding that the freebies are rare, and even rarer are the healthy and nutritious freebies, so my personal goal is just to find a price that is cheaper that I would pay at Aldi, Walmart, or Costco, and for the whole trip, I like to see my total savings amount higher than my total = I saved more than I spent.

The (hopefully) brief breakdown on this transaction is as follows:

Bananas - $0.24 EACH...I thought I still had a valid mobile coupon for $1.00/1.00 or more, but I didn't and we needed some bananas, so I paid more for them than I would at Aldi but my last bunch from Aldi never turned yellow..................

Vans Waffles - $0.99 after a manufacturer's coupon

Fruttare Bars - $1.49 after a target and manufacturer's coupon stack  (these are really yummy!!)

handsoap - $0.39 after a target coupon

paper towel - $0.49 after a target coupon

hydrogen peroxide - $0.02 after a target coupon 

baby shampoo - $0.49 each after a target coupon

And then my second transaction:

For the details...I will not list items that are already listed in the previous transaction...

All detergent (10 pacs) - $0.99 ea after manufacturer's coupons

Dog treats - $0.82 each after a Target and manufacturer's coupon stack

Hair detangler - $0.32 ea after a Target coupon

SO -- $32.62 worth of items for $12.87...  

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