2 weeks late...

Today is my January 1st.  I'm a lover of new beginnings, of fresh starts, of schedules and to-do lists.  I'm not a huge fan of New Year's Resolutions per se, but I do think it's good to periodically (maybe not JUST once a year) evaluate where you are, what you're doing, and what goals you have made for yourself.  The last two weeks of "laying low" with my daughter provided lots of opportunity to think about the goals and plans I wanted to make for this year...realizing that God may have others in mind for me...but we'll start with this and see where we end up.

So, I took a little "planning retreat" on Saturday morning to our local Panera, and got my home management binder in order for 2013 and made some revised schedules and lists and charts.  (Can you hear the giddiness?)  

One new thing that I am trying for this year is setting goals for myself and (gasp) I'm planning to list them here every Monday along with the previous week's progress report...  I've never been good at keeping goals (of this sort before) but I think making them public might encourage me to do it.  (Especially since I regularly see a lot of my readers face-to-face and realize that they could ask me about it!)  If I suddenly stop posting them, you'll know I didn't like it or chickened out!  This idea comes from Crystal Paine of Money Saving Mom, so I can't take credit for it.  Her goals are inspiring to me.  She provided a free blank printable for making weekly goals, and I downloaded that and will be using it each week. 

SO...without any further rambling...here's some of what I hope to accomplish this week...
(insert deep breath here)

~ Complete 5 days worth of Luke study and Proverbs study (each)
~ Get halfway (or more) through Made to Crave
~ Record 3 gifts each day and take pictures where applicable

Health & Well Being
~ Meet water quota every day
~ Exercise at least 4 times this week
~ Track calories every day
~ Lose at least 2 pounds this week
~ Do something outside
~ Meet a friend for coffee

Home Projects
~ Finish planning for 2013
~ Complete reading lists for me and C (for now...)
~ "Homeschool" plan for remainder of January
~ Complete at least one other project from to-do list
~ Begin using coupons again and plan shopping list

~ Limit screen time to one hour each day for C (sickness creates BAD habits)
~ Reduce C's sugar intake (recovery from Christmas)
~ Play board game and read with C every day (not counting before nap/bedtime)
~ Develop reading/walking plans with G
~ Discuss vacation and yearly scheduling plans with G

~ 5 posts this week

So there ya have it!  I hope to be back tomorrow for "Time to Read Tuesday"......

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