To read or not to read....

...haha...yeah right...that is not EVEN a valid question!

The following is a re-post from July 20, 2011.  I'm still using these books and I'm so thankful for them that I wanted to share them with you all again.  (And Mom, I'm sorry for not changing to the correct use of caps.  Thanks for working so hard to teach me the proper way to write and spell [even if I don't always do it]. Love you!)

i'm excited that i've finally been able to use some of the books that i purchased (or was given) way back when i was single and had some expendable cash that i used to buy books. i have used them at times when babysitting and tutoring, but THIS is the use for which they were intended and i'm so excited to be teaching my own child and using these resources. so -- here are three books that i've been looking through before we head to the library to get some ideas of books for us to read... (blogger hates me today, so instead of clicking on the pictures to be redirected to amazon, you'll have to click on my descriptions underneath...)

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