How to stretch $20...

You could just pull both ends of the $20 bill, you could collect $20 worth of pennies and spread them throughout your house (check out this floor made of pennies, HERE), you could buy $20 worth of something and try to make it last...there are lots of ideas...but, by stretching $20, I mean...getting EVERY LAST LITTLE BANG FOR EVERY LAST LITTLE BUCK.  Here's how I chose to stretch my $20 on Saturday:
Yep...I went shopping and bought all of this stuff for about $22.  Two words: YARD. SALE.  One of the local neighborhoods had their semi-annual community yard sale on Saturday and after having been twice before, I was quite anxious to go.  My husband and daughter obliged and we spent a brisk Saturday morning hiking the hills and searching for deals.  We did not leave disappointed!

Here are some breakdown photos of the clothes that I was able to find for C:
 (The purple shirt in top/center and the pink shirt on the right have never been worn.  The pink sweater on the left is a Liz Claiborne.)

 (This is a CHAPS Ralph Lauren dress, like new.)
 (This dress is from the Children's Place.)
 (Gap, Gymboree, Children's Place)
 (The outfit on the right still had the original tags on it -- brand new!)
I have been amazed at how many kids clothes I have been able to find at yard sales that still have the original tags attached, or have never been worn.  Brand name clothes hold up better than off brands (usually), so it's great to be able to find quality clothing for a budget-friendly price.

I picked up these wall shelves for $1.00 each, and will probably hang them in C's room.  I've been wanting something like this for a while.

In accordance with yesterday's post on seasonal decorating, I love to decorate my home for Christmas.  We also love to have people over, so it's nice to have pretty linens to use.  These Martha Stewart placemats(4), napkins (4), and napkin rings (3), were $1.00 for the set.  I don't think they've ever been used.  The green napkins (set of 8) were also $1.00.

I was really excited to find these rugs, because I've been wanting something to go in our dining room which leads out to the deck.  Because a lot of sand, etc will get tracked in there, I wanted something that I could toss in the washing machine periodically rather than just vacuum.  These still had the original tags on them ($8.96 each), but we got them both for $1.00!!!

SO -- again, all of this stuff below for $22.00.

Yard sales can be a lot of fun.  My preference is to go to community sales to save all the driving hither and yon.  It's important to remember to dig through stuff to find treasures, and also not to be afraid to offer a lower price than what might be marked or discussed.  A lot of people are willing to just take what they can, so that they don't have to cart the stuff off to Goodwill or some other thrift store afterwards.  And, a smile and friendliness goes a long way too.  That, and taking your 2 year old along with you. ;-)

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Rachael said...

Wow, that's impressive. Great job!

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