Five on Friday: the not version...

So...this has been a busy week.  Extra children at my house on Monday; mini-vacation (with NO internet access) Tuesday morning through Thursday morning; unpacking/laundry/repacking/cleaning Thursday afternoon; more packing and last minute details on Friday; vacation beginning Saturday.  

Because of that, I have not been looking around on the internet as much as normal, so I don't have a Friday Five post for you today. :(  So sorry.

I do, however, have 2 things to share with you.  

The first is that I will be taking a break from blogging next week to spend time with my family.  

The second is that I'm about 12 posts away from my 100th post.  I think for my 100th post, I shall have a giveaway.  Stay tuned for details surrounding that and how you can enter/what you can win. :-)

Thanks everyone for reading my posts and offering feedback and encouragement.  I really do enjoy keeping this blog and I'm glad that some of you out there enjoy reading it.  :)


Jennifer H :) said...

Have a great vacation!! :)

sherri lynn said...

I hope you enjoy your week off with your family! Have a great time :)

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