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My poor little neglected blog.  Every week starts out with good intentions...3 posts this week, so many things to share.  And then life happens...and blogging drops further and further into the abyss of items-left-unchecked-on-my-to-do-list.  I'm finding myself pulling away from the computer more and more and some days barely check-in at all.  It's a good thing and I'm okay with it.  But, it means my blog is neglected.

So, here's a massive (random) update for those who keep up with us here...it has to be massive as it will probably be months before I do it again. 

I have willingly and exuberantly welcomed a reptile into my home.  Shocking, I know.  But, this is probably the ONLY kind of reptile I would be interested in housing because they move slow enough to catch should they escape.  We had been planning to get an aquarium for quite some time (although with fish), given C's affinity for ALL THINGS WATER.  (Marine Biologist in the making, yes?  She's going to be GMa's ticket to finally get up close with the dolphins, I think.)  But, after rescuing this little guy from impending doom in the Bi-Lo parking lot, we decided to go ahead and get the aquarium and hope that he responded well...if not, the aquarium is re-usable.  (Yes, that is how two frugal-minded first-borns make these sorts of decisions.)

Who knew he would be SO fond of hiding in the plants -- we think he thinks we can't see him....  I'm sure it feels just like home because everyone knows there are neon pink plants growing in ponds all over the Southeast.  (I went for cheap, not realistic.)  

He's really responded quite well to the new digs and finally (after 5 days) is eating well! (Turtle pellets and dried shrimp pieces, anyone?!?)  He is developing some patterns which amuse me greatly.  As soon as the shades are pulled in the evening, he positions himself in the plants and promptly goes to sleep.  Once the shades are raised and/or heat lamp is turned on in the morning, he goes to his rock for sun-bathing.  He is really ridiculously cute...for a reptile.  C is delighted with him, and gives him a new name everyday.  I think I've finally convinced her that we should stick with boy names...today he is Kelly.  

Speaking of changes in C's room (that is where the aquarium landed)...we made the switch from the toddler bed to the BIG bed.  It's been a great transition and everyone LOVES it.

It does mean, however, that we are without a bed in our guest room until we replace it, although at present I am working on The Great Book Purge of 2013, so the entire guest room floor is covered with piles of books while I sort and rearrange. (Exaggeration?  Sadly, no.)

Having taken in two baseball games so far this season, and the influence of her best-bud Andrew (who adores baseball...and all things sports, really), C has decided that she wants to be a baseball girl...  

Game face.  Oh, and yes, those ARE her Sunday dress shoes...  She's also been dressing herself lately.  Our system is that I choose the outfits (or we choose them together) when we're going somewhere, and on the days we stay home she choose them all by herself.  

Summer is almost here...for reals this time.  Much to my own amazement, I gave in and purchased Roo-Cups for us to take on our adventures to the pool, fountains, etc this summer.  $0.25 refills, which includes slushees...  Here's to a summer of entirely too much sugar...but oh-so-much-fun.  

Speaking of fountains, we did make our way there this week and had a lovely time...with the multiple school groups that were also there.  I am a magnet for school groups, which is hard to avoid during the month of May in a town with so much great stuff to do.  I don't mind the groups -- I'm glad the kids get to have a good time.  I mind that I go all nazi-mama when there's that many kids and freak out about losing MY kid in the crowd.  Lessons in faith.

C is growing up too fast and her imagination is really coming alive...and she's strong enough to put into action the thoughts in her head.  So, yesterday she took her stuffed animals on a train ride to Mississippi.

Life has been exceptionally busy lately and I'm looking forward to the "lazy days" of summer...it is a tremendous privilege to be home with C and to enjoy this time with her.  It is going by so fast.  We've enjoyed many play dates this spring with friends from church and also some new friends as I get to know the ladies from my moms group.  C is enjoying meeting their kids as well.

Greg and I have both been running with a goal of 3 times/week.  We don't run together for two reasons -- childcare and I would greatly slow him down.  He completed his first 5K in April, and I have signed up for my first at the end of June.  I'm at week 5 of C25K, but have had to take a week off due to being sick.  Having to call the paramedics out to the track because I'm coughing so much I can't breathe just doesn't seem worth it.  Guess I'm not a real runner...yet.

We thought after Greg got his MBA in 2009 we were done with school, but in the back of our minds, we knew that wasn't true, and so 2013 finds us back at school again for the next 3 years.  I am overwhelmed as I try to support him in his studies, so I can only imagine how overwhelmed he must feel.  But, that is usually how things begin, so hopefully it will even out soon...like in 2016...when he's done.  

So far we have not put in a garden this year, and it's looking like we probably will not...apart from a few things that I have in containers (flowers/herbs).  I really want to switch over to raised beds, so we may begin making that transition and try to do some fall gardening.  I may give in and put a few tomato/pepper plants in pots though...

C has surprised us with beginning to read...so we're practicing and working through some lessons.  How crazy is it that she is old enough to be talking, much less reading?!?

I'm back into couponing and am finding it to be more beneficial than before.  Most of my coupons are coming from the internet this time around and several new programs.  SO far I'm staying away from the "Drug store game" and just going for Bi-Lo, Publix, Target, and Walmart.  The Ibotta app is fantastic, and I'm loving Target mobile coupons as well as their new Cartwheel program.  It's a lot to keep up with and I'm trying to keep it all in check, but so far it's good.  I'm pleasantly surprised at the natural/organic coupons that are becoming more readily available.  I'm mostly a "perimeter" shopper, so being able to save on those things is really helpful!

Next week, we will celebrate our 9th anniversary.  Hard to believe we are old enough to be married that long!  No big plans this year, but we're scheming about next year....

And lastly, our church is updating our photo directory, so we got a new family picture out of the deal.  It's a blessing to have multiple talented photographer friends...credit for this one goes to Willa.

Summer 2013 looks to be quite full with school for G, a cousin's wedding, visiting family, weekend beach trip, C's 4th bday and family in town, trips to the pool, activities at church, a GMa's 90th bday, week at the beach, and Fall will be here before we know it and we'll be diving into the world of pre-school activities.  


Nae and Clara said...

I clearly remember your wedding as we brought Gabe along with us and he screamed for the ENTIRE return 3 hour trip :) hard to believe that was 9 years ago and I'm just months away from having a child enter the age of double digits. Have a fun summer! It always goes by so quickly.

Angie said...

GREAT pics of the turtle! Can't believe how long C's hair is in the pic of her in the big bed!!! I just crack up every time I see that picture of the "baseball girl" - it's my wallpaper on my phone - that look is just so comical:) FINALLY... a picture of her smiling on the carousel - HOORAY!!! The pics come through so small on my phone that I didn't realize she had made a "train" and took her "friends" along until I saw the pic on your blog. What a hoot! I particularly like Piggy :) She definitely keeps us all laughing. Love her and love you!!!

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