March Madness...

So about those March goals....

I know that God is not a God that would "make fun" of His children...but I can't help but wonder when I was making my list of goals for the month and writing that last blog post including the reference to Proverbs 16:9 if He was smiling and saying..."Wait and see, child...  wait and see.  What I have for you is not YOUR plan, but it is much better."

Since my last post (15 days ago, if anyone is counting), I have not read ANYTHING on my reading list...  My reading goals for the month were already a bit lofty unattainable impossible ridiculous unrealistic.

I have managed to make it to the walking track with friends a few times, and that has been great -- as soon as the weather gets warm I love to be outside!  We have been able to play outside some too, which has been good for EVERYONE.

I started out pretty good with the 31 in 31 pinterest projects, but I'm falling behind some now...click on that link to see what I HAVE managed to try...

I did manage to get all my items tagged and dropped off at the consignment sale and am pleased with my profits from that.  My closets, however, are still not clean as I had hoped.

Spring cleaning........yeah, no.

The "someone else" section of my goals...I haven't been able to think about that just yet... but there are still 2 weeks left in the month!

Limit media for C -- what else CAN you do when you're too sick to get OFF the couch?  I definitely have NOT been limiting media.  We did manage to make it to the park and the children's museum and have plans to go again, so we might actually make that goal for the month.  The gorgeous Spring weather ends today and we're looking at a high of 44* by the end of the week...ideal weather for playing outside LOTS, yes? 

And, then there's the whole topic of the photo-a-day in March and blogging 3x a week....  let's NOT go there.

So, by this point (if you're still reading...hello...?) you're wondering what HAVE you been doing for the past 15 days?!?!?

Well, my friends...laundry.

LOTS of laundry.

Praise the Lord for these two blessings!

It started with washing everything for the consignment sale, because let's face it -- if you pull the clothes out of a storage bin and hang them up, they are not as likely to sell as they are when they look and smell fresh and pressed.  FACT.

Then it was washing bedding to get the guest room ready for my mom who came to visit for a few days, and our own laundry for the week.

Then I found out that we had been (unintentionally) exposed to head lice.  ick.  Taking all precautions, I washed EVERYONE's bedding (all of it!) everyday for 3 days in a row, plus all of our clothes as soon as we took them off, plus towels, stuffed animals, jackets, etc.  Laundry nazi?  Oh yes, that's me!

That fiasco was barely over (btw, it seems we have escaped the lice for this time! PTL!), and I thought I could stand to do some more laundry so I started washing all of the new things that I purchased at the consignment sale...  While switching out the loads, my daughter walks in to the laundry room and says timidly, "Mommy, I'm NOT going to throw up."  Quizzically, I started to ask, "Do you feel like you're........."  And then I didn't need to finish.  Who knew so much could come out of such a small body?!?  OH, and did I mention she had eaten Nutella earlier in the day?  How's that mental picture for ya?!?!

Yay.  MORE laundry.  And, being the germophobe that I am and trying to keep the parents from getting the plague, the washing of the bedding began AGAIN.  (I'm starting to understand why I regularly put new sheets on my Christmas list...)

At present, C is recovering from the virus and I'm encouraging her to eat and drink just about anything that she will.  She's a pretty weak girl at this point, but she's starting to perk back up.  The parents have no symptoms of anything...  Oh, and my washing machine and dryer are enjoying a much needed respite.

I did manage to get my sewing area setup (still have a few changes/additions to make) before I started the laundromat, so here are a few pictures of that...

This is on one side of our bedroom.

Container storage for now...will adjust as my collection of sewing gadgets increases.

Hope to get large popsicle sticks to wrap the ribbon around for storage eventually.  That's my Great-Aunt, btw.

Every morning I wake up and dream of creating something with all of this...if I only had the time.

For my 31 in 31 Pinterest Projects, I gave myself 2 stipulations -- I could only count new pins, as in things I had not previously tried, and they could not be all recipes.  Here's one of the non-recipe projects I completed this month...

The top was the first one I made, so you can see the progression and improvements.

And, I have started my spring decorating....
Hey!  It's something, right?!?

I'm mid-project for a pinterest craft for Spring decor, so I will get back to it, but I wanted you all to know that I am still alive and that I hadn't gotten buried under all those March goals....  or March Madness...  :)

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