Goals for this week...

And yes, I know it's Thursday and I'm posting my goals for the week...  it's really more like my goals for the end of the week as I just got them down on paper yesterday and hope to accomplish them all by end of the day Saturday.  My goals and the use of the goals worksheet continue to morph and I'm trying to decide what kind of limits to set to keep them as goals and to keep them from becoming a glorified to-do list...  10 seems to be a good number....  If I could just stick to it...

QUICKLY THOUGH before I talk about goals....let's talk about my windowsill garden...  Just after writing that post, things went downhill fast...and I mean fast.  I came home from a few days out of town to discover slimy yuckiness all over the bottom of my veggies and brown water.  Um, eww.  I rinsed them all really well, cleaned the dishes and put in fresh water (I had also discovered some mold)...  The next morning, it was all back again...  At that point, I decided I was done looking at that nastiness, and I will just wait a few more weeks until I can play in the dirt.  Sorry to disappoint or lead anyone astray -- although if you are windowsill gardening, be sure to let me know how it goes!

Okay -- so goals...a few are marked off as I was able to complete some yesterday and this morning.

+ Complete 5 days of Luke study
+ Read Chapter 1 & answer study guide questions for A Woman's Wisdom
+ Read Chapter 2 & watch video/read blogpost for Desperate
+ Read Intro and Chapter 1 of Jesus + Nothing = Everything
+ Look through Joy the Baker cookbook

Health & Well Being
+ Eat Clean
+ Drink Water
+ Move More

Home Project Completion
+ Make list of basic sewing supplies needed and supplies for a few projects
+ Make list of goals for March, including 31 Pinterest Projects in 31 Days (blog post coming soon!)

+ Planning for next week and for month of March
+ Make menu for next 2 weeks, grocery list, and coupons/deals list

For Someone Else
+ Childcare for Community family
+ Visit church member shut-in

For G & C
+ call to see about places/prices for professional framing for G's diploma
+ coffee date with G
+ research swim lessons & new carseat for C
+ play board game, play outside, and make fish craft with C

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