What's in Your Purse?

I know there are a few guys out there who occasionally (regularly???) read my blog, so this post is really more for the gals... (unless of course you are a guy that is incurably curious about WHAT is in a woman's purse, in which case, read on my friend...)

One of the blogs that I read regularly (roomag) occasionally has celebrities write a guest post with a picture and listing of the contents of their purse.  It's always interesting to me (I'm incurably curious.) and I'm always amazed at how small their purses are and how little they carry around.  I think ever since I was a teenager I've carried a fairly sizeable purse with a ridiculous amount of contents.  It comes from being a type "A" and always wanting to "be prepared."  HAHA....  From these pictures I took of my own purse, I have realized two things.  I should never be in a situation where I need a pen (or anyone near me needs a pen...) and I should never be in want of lip gloss.  Ever.

So, here's the bag I'm currently carrying...

It's a liz claiborne that I got for a *steal* at a consignment sale.  I absolutely love it and it's exactly what I was looking for and I'm still in awe that I paid less than $10 for it!

There are 3 sections inside, so pocket number one contains:

Pens, flashlight, hand sanitizer, sunglasses, quarters (C's), costco coupons, notebook, tissues, tic tacs, smarties, snoopy snacks, notepad, checkbook, and a cute little bag that houses all that bribery candy.

Pocket number two....the inner sanctum...ha!

nail kit, goldfish, gum, tylenol, girl stuff, hair comb, safety pins, bobby pins, hair tie, floss, spare car key, lip gloss, shout wipes, clorox wipes, and a cute little bag to hold the smaller items. (which, a friend brought back to me from Qatar when she was stationed in the Middle East)

And, the final section...

my new wallet (Christmas present) that I looooove, benadryl stick, more pens, CFA kids toy, Zaxby's coupons, Starbucks coupon, coupons for a friend, and yeah...a different lip gloss for each of my moods...or days of the week...

So...there ya have it.  Hope this wasn't the most boring post ever.  I try to post about the things that I enjoy and the truth is, I enjoy seeing posts about what's in other people's purses.  I am just getting really bold around here lately....and that, folks...is a scary thing.

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