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It's been a while (too long!) since I posted an update about what Miss C is doing/learning these days, so here's a brief overview for family and friends. :)

Favorite books currently = the books that I read multiple times each day...

We're enjoying our "school times" a few days each week, and just about every day she asks if we can do "school pages."  She's like her mama and loves a good worksheet. ;)  School-time usually lasts about an hour or so, with 30 minutes being at the table doing worksheets, cutting/gluing, counting, working on scripture memory/catechism, and any other recitations we're learning (days of the week/months of the year currently). After that we move to some sort of active learning or art project for the next 30 minutes or so.  She's loving being able to have "computer time" once or twice a day and I can't believe how much she is picking up from playing "games" on sites like Starfall.

Here's a few pictures from some of our recent school times...

We're thankful for a great Children's Museum in our town and we plan to make lots of visits there this year while we have a membership.  We enjoyed the aquarium last year, as you may remember, and we feel so blessed to be in a town with so many great educational opportunities for our family.

We have probably spent the last of our time in the pool here as the evenings have been a little chilly this week so that water isn't as warm as it once was.  We were thankful to have one last *perfect* day at the pool to finish out the summer.  

But, when it's not warm enough to swim, that means it's probably cool enough to enjoy the park, so we had out first picnic lunch of the fall at the park (with Daddy!) yesterday.

We've been learning to "manage" asthma for C and also fighting a pretty nasty sinus infection for the last 4-5 weeks.  For a kid who doesn't make many trips to the doctor, she's been a trooper through lots of new things including breathing treatments, 2 sets of x-rays (it's REALLY hard for a 3 yo to keep their head completely still for a sinus x-ray...just sayin'), learning to use inhalers, and all the usual things associated with doctors visits.  We go back next week and have decided to go ahead and have a "pediatric panel" of allergy testing done to help determine WHAT she is allergic to so that we can try to treat the allergies and thus hope to keep the asthma under control somewhat as well.  The last few weeks have been full of challenges as we have been trying to stay calm so as not to start coughing, having to take multiple medications, vitamins, probiotics, and all of this while functioning on less than desirable (necessary?!?) amounts of sleep.  I'm thankful to be on what seems to be the *other side* and for God sustaining us through some difficult days/nights.

Another change is that we are starting the transition to a big-girl bed.  This probably comes as late to some, but some of us liked our cribs so well we were content to stay in them until we were 4.  Ahem.  So...we have taken the first step of making her bed accessible.  Next step will be an actual full-size bed, but that will probably be a little while.  It's been smooth sailing so far, and she hasn't fallen out!  (thanks to the pool noodle under the sheet!  thank you pinterest.)

That's all for now -- I'm sure there's so much more, but another time. :)

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