This is probably going to be link-overload, but I have tried some really fun and delicious recipes lately that I wanted to share.  As I mentioned previously, I am trying to make more and more things from scratch...  I have found that it doesn't always save money and certainly doesn't always save time, but often it tastes better and is healthier.  There are seasons when I can make more things from scratch and seasons where it is better if I just buy things.  But, here's what I've been trying over the last several months...

Easy Blender Salsa (Easy is RIGHT!  I make this almost weekly!)

Chocolate Syrup (This is a slightly different consistency than store-bought, but I love it!)

Evaporated Milk (This was a recipe emergency...so convenient!)

Ranch Dressing

Healthier Ranch Dressing (use spices from above mix...)

Italian Dressing Mix (haven't actually made dressing, just the mix for other recipes)

Stovetop Granola

Baked Granola

Wheat Thins (These are easier than I thought they would be...just roll them REALLY thin!)

Cheese Crackers (Claimed to be like Cheez-Its...more like cheese straws in cracker form - YUMMY!)

Fruit Snacks (my daughter loved these!)

Jello Popsicles (these have an interesting consistency...I prefer fruit juice)

Granola Bars

More Granola Bars (these taste more like dessert!)

Pumpkin Butter (Super Easy!)

Cinnamon Raisin Bread (I actually did this in my bread machine and baked it in the oven!  Amazing!!)

I make most of our bread, and those recipes aren't online so I can't link to them, but I will work on getting them typed up on my printable recipe page -- I've made white bread (blech!), wheat bread, light wheat bread, sourdough bread, and my latest favorite is a rich wheat sourdough bread.  It has a secret ingredient that makes all the difference!  The whole concept of sourdough bread kind of grosses me out a little bit, but the end product sure is tasty!

Pizza Crust (not my favorite, but it's pretty good.  I didn't pin/save my favorite and my only hope is that I printed it....and it's somewhere in my pile of printed recipes!  I also make a biscuit type crust sometimes.)


English Muffins

I happen to live in a house with a child who would happily live on muffins alone, so we regularly have some sort of muffins in our house for breakfast/snacking.  I'm constantly looking for healthy(er?) recipes for those muffins, so check my recipes page and pinterest board for what sweet breads we're trying out around here.

I also make a double batch of pancakes or waffles when we have them and put the extras in the freezer.  I just lay them in a freezer bag, and we pop them in the toaster or toaster oven when we're ready to fix them.

Taco Seasoning is very simple to make -- I have a recipe from a friend in a church cookbook which I can try to get typed us as well, but a quick google, pinterest, or allrecipes search should bring up some good results.

Blackening Seasoning

Brownie Mix

Instant Oatmeal Packets

I also make cornbread from scratch (the sweet kind so it tastes like the Jiffy box mix).  I had no idea how simple it is to make, and I just keep a bag of cornmeal in my pantry.  This is the recipe I use.

A friend recently gave me a copy of this book and it is a very valuable resource...if you are able to get a copy, I highly recommend it.  I made the vanilla pudding and vanilla ice cream from it last week.

Lots of sauces and seasonings are easy to make and don't require adding too many items to your pantry.  I recently discovered that BBQ sauce is relatively easy to make....just need to work on my vinegar measurements...too much the first time.

You may remember my post about Stretching a Chicken, and I continue to do that to make my own chicken broth, and I save beef broth as well from when I cook a roast.  My freezer was so full of broth that I have stopped making any for right now and it kills me to throw out the chicken bones without making broth from them!

I've talked before about shopping at Costco, and I continue to purchase basic pantry items there.  Most of my baking supplies come from there, and I've started purchasing canned tomatoes/tomato sauce there as well.  We certainly don't use up the huge can in a timely manner, but I've had no problems freezing the leftovers for the next time I need them.  The tomato sauce is used in recipes, for pizzas, and spaghetti, and the tomatoes are used in ALL sorts of things, including salsa, italian dishes, and other recipes that call for diced tomatoes.

Finally, I've been dabbling in some homemade cleaners/household products and so far I've liked what I've made...

Dishwasher Cleaner

Shower/Tub Cleaner

Window/Glass Cleaner

Hair Detangler

Alright -- enough for now.  I'm all linked out. :)  One more plug for my Tried and True board on pinterest, where I'm regularly pinning the things we try.

What homemade things are you making?

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Rachael said...

I have a lot of chicken stock too from stretching a few chickens. I recently found this recipe for cream of chicken soup and now I know what I'll be using the extra chicken stock for. http://www.stacymakescents.com/homemade-cream-of-chicken-soup
Thanks for all your recipes and tips. I really appreciate them!

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