Thankful Thursday: In sickness and in health...

As I write this post, I'm sitting at the desk, with the windows open and a lovely breeze blowing through the house -- this gives a picture of SO many gifts...one of the main ones being that a certain little girl who hasn't slept much recently is resting peacefully in the SECOND HOUR of her nap this afternoon...this is a huge gift to mommy and daughter alike. :-)  Thanks for your encouragement, friends, and your prayers are a blessing.

Gifts #143-163
- preparing food for my family
- being able to minister through music
- laundry to be washed, folded, put away
- notes from him
- cards from family
- shapes on a page that form beautiful music
- fellowship lunch with church family
- dinner with family and friends
- a Sunday afternoon nap
- the provision of (free) cold medicine to keep this mommy going
- making arrangements with him
- jars from a friends for a project
- laundry separated to be washed,
- milk for our cereal
- clean paper that she uses to draw and create
- painting nails to brighten the day
- the gift of a mother's intuition
- antibiotics
- the mug of coffee waiting for me every morning (made by him)
- a deck on which to play and live life outdoors
- breezes blowing through my open windows in February

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