Chicken Broccoli Supreme

This was a recipe that I found on pinterest (of course), and while it was very good, it kind of reminded me of one of my favorite movie lines...

More is not always better...sometimes it's just MORE.

This casserole is kind of a combination between Chicken Divan and Poppyseed Chicken...both of which we love, but this combination of the two didn't seem to be as good as either of them would be individually.  But, that's just OUR opinion.

The recipe can be found here if you'd like to try it for yourself.

It did remind me of a cooking tip that I could share -- maybe all of you have already thought of this or discovered it, but I only recently learned about it...  A lot of casseroles have Ritz cracker toppings...and they often call for 1 sleeve of crushed crackers (or 2).  You can gently crush the crackers in the sleeve, taking care not to puncture the ends...and then the mess is contained in the sleeve!

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1 comment:

sherri lynn said...

Oh this looks good! Poppyseed chicken is one of our favorites! My mom also makes a broccoli chicken casserole so I wonder if this is similar.

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