Thankful Thursday: Continuing gifts...

Gifts #40-57:
- my husband's kindness, even in my sharpness
- the ability to feel hunger
- sunshine after many days of clouds
- chapstick administered by my little 'fashionista'
- friends to share treats with
- an all-together day with my favorite two
- watching him melt when she is particularly cute
- his tenderness with us, his two girls
- his care and concern for me
- her little dance and giggle 
- a spirit of repentance in a young heart
- His peace even in storms
- 'Delight yourself in the Lord...' (Psalm 37)
- 'He has blessed us in the Beloved' (Ephesians 1)
- riches lavished upon us (Ephesians 1)
- yummy smelling soap and a cloth made with love for doing our dishes
- waking up to sunshine (and a husband who let me sleep in!)
- his gentle kiss on my forehead.

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