Reading Goals for 2012

**Note: I just realized I forgot to include one of my newest discoveries, The Meaning of Marriage...perhaps I can fit that in somewhere...

I'm finally getting around to posting some reading goals for this new year, and I'll just say upfront that I may end up adding to or taking away from this list. I'm trying not to be too ambitious, in order to allow room for some new things I will discover and will want to read. In addition to this list are the ongoing studies that I am participating in with other groups. I will list those at the end. Please share any books that you have read recently ...I'm always on the lookout.

January: finish The Prodigal God and 1000 Gifts

February: finish A Praying Life and Creative Home Organizer

March: Give Them Grace and Building Her Home

April: The Ministry of Motherhood and Loving the Little Years

May: Homemaking and Comforts From the Cross

June: The Power of Prayer in a Believer's Life and Organized Simplicity

July: Same Kind of Different as Me and Sacred Parenting

August: The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen and A Shelter in the Time of Storm

September: One Day and Real Marriage

October: Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands and The Happiness Project

November: Though the Darkness Hide Thee and Better Off

December: up for grabs....like I have time to read in December!!

It's an ambitious list for sure. But, I had to start somewhere, and this seemed like a good place. We'll see what happens.

I will also be involved in the following studies with groups:
Lies Women Believe (due to a scheduling change I will be finishing this study on my own)
GMG Ephesians Study (online study)
Shepherding a Child's Heart (SS class at church)
Women's Ministry in the Local Church (with the WLT at church)

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