Tuesday Tips: Silverware Baskets...sans silverware

I'm a big fan of organization -- I get excited about organizing.  Don't judge me. :)  That said, I get even MORE excited about using what you have to organize.  I will be the first to begin drooling over an Ikea catalog or The Container Store's website, but to really organize the way I would love to would cost a fortune.  I read a magazine article a few months back about Jamie Lee Curtis's organizational habits, and she is hard core.  Her house, especially the kitchen, is amazing...but I can't imagine the money that is tied up in all those containers.  Not for me.  

While cleaning out a few years ago, I thought seriously about getting rid of the 2 silverware picnic baskets that I have because I only used them when we had lots of people over and I was serving buffet style.  Otherwise, they sat in the cabinet taking up space...  But, I really liked them.  I remembered back to a time when I was visiting a friend and noticed that she had one sitting on her counter and had pens and other things in it and I realized it was a solution to my counter craziness!!

Now, my scissors, pens, and markers are all neatly stashed and easily accessible, and the papers and notebooks I need to have handy are also neatly gathered.  And, it looks pretty enough to have on my kitchen counter (my desk).

A few months later, my daughter moved into the artistic stage and began drawing, coloring, painting and playing with stickers.  So, naturally, she acquired art supplies and that meant more storage needed.  Usually she "creates" in the kitchen, so out came the other basket and in went her supplies.  Our baskets sit next to each other now. :)

If I need to use them for their intended purpose (silverware and plates/napkins), I just place the contents in an out of the way place while the basket is in use and then return the usual items to the basket.  I think these would come in handy for all kinds of household uses...sewing, craft supplies, toys, etc.

Do you have any unusual organizational uses for items in your home?

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sherri lynn said...

I also love organizing and drool over The Container Store! When I get in the mood to organize I usually look around my house for something I already have to put things in. I think I'm running out of those "lying around the house" things!

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