Monday Musings: The Gift of Being Woman

"The woman was uniquely designed and equipped - physiologically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually - by her Creator to be a bearer and nurturer of life.  In a multitude of ways, she was endowed with the ability to add life, beauty, richness, fullness, grace and joy to the family unit.  There is no greater measure of her worth or success as a woman than the extent to which she serves as the heart of her home."

That quote comes from Nancy Leigh DeMoss in Lies Women Believe.  What a great privilege we have as women!  But, how quick we are to complain or find excuses for NOT fulfilling our roles.  I thought this was such a beautiful expression of what God intended for us to do and be.  

The picture was taken back in October 2009...it's sunset...  if it weren't for the sun, they would just be a bunch of dark clouds rolling through...they would be interesting and maybe beautiful, but not nearly as beautiful as they are with the sun shining through them and highlighting them.  For this post, I was just looking through some old photos trying to find a scenery shot...  But the more I looked at this one, the more appropriate it seemed.  We, as women, have the opportunity to be the sun to our families...not that our families are dark clouds, but we have the privilege of adding life, beauty, richness, fullness, grace and joy to the family unit.  Are we fulfilling this call or is the privilege looking like a burden?

It's easy to think that this might apply only to women who are married and mothers, but I would challenge women in every stage of life to look at your own lives and see how you are being/can be a nurturer of life.

This post is not meant to be discouraging...  I feel uplifted when I read that quote because it is so exciting to see how God has gifted us for the roles He has provided for us.  I hope you are encouraged also.

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