Five on Friday (on Saturday): the last day behind...hopefully.

Thanks for continuing to read this week, despite my being a bit tardy.  Here are my top 5 for this week:

1) Like multi-tasking?!?  Here's a way to fix your hair and get fit at the same time...  Let me know if you have any "moves" to add to the list.

2) Social Media is a part of our lives and like most things can be positive and negative.  This article was both convicting and encouraging.  The changes she lists are some that I've been seeking to implement in my own life in recent weeks.

3) Gift tags made from tissue boxes, and (cute) wrapping supplies from the dollar store...you must read this one too!

4) In light of Thanksgiving coming up, Ann had a good (re)post this week that I have read previously and enjoyed again.  Why Every Day Begs to be Thanksgiving...

5) Maybe I'll just re-name this series, Four on Friday plus a link to Sally's blog. :-)  Her post this week on Training it (selfishness) out of our children was excellent.  In order to train, we must model...this is where the post gets convicting.  I had a conversation with my mom about this earlier in the week and then read Sally's post.  She is so much more eloquent than I am.  For example:

Jesus reminds us, “I am humble and meek, learn from me.” Learn from me–has he ever said that in any other scripture? Learn from me–if I the teacher and Lord bowed, then you should also do so.
So modeling servant leadership, speaking gently, loving others generously, giving up your time, your body, your convenience, your patience–if he did it, over and over again with the disciples, to show them how to live in service of others–he had compassion on them, then so we must do as mothers. It also means you must be spending hands on time with your children, not leaving them to one more dvd or cartoon or game boy adventure action software, but you have to plan, give attention to this, to build this into their lives.

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