12 Days of Birthday: Days 12, 11, 10, and 9


I'm about to reveal 2 secrets...

The first, is that my parents are really, REALLY cool.

The second, is that I'm having a birthday soon, and it's kind of a "milestone year."  I am coming around to a season of gratitude about this birthday, despite some real struggles with it throughout the year.

I specifically requested that there be no big "hoopla" surrounding this and no surprise shendigs, etc.  Low-key is more of where I'm at currently, and I candidly asked family/friends to honor that request.  Mom & Dad, being the very thoughtful folks that they are, respectfully followed this desire, but also knowing how fun presents are, decided to spread out the birthday cheer a bit.  So, they came up with The 12 Days of Amanda's Birthday, in which I have a present to open each day leading up to the actual day, and I can't open it until after 9:59 AM each day as that was the time I was born.  So, yesterday, all 12 gifts arrived...and I was overwhelmed and then excited.

This is just too much fun to keep to myself, so I had to share with you all.  I plan to post each day to let you all in on the surprises...these will probably be bonus posts in addition to my regular posts.

Each gift is in a brightly colored bag with brightly colored tissue paper, and on 2 sides is a (different) photo of me as an infant and the approximate date that the photo was taken, along with the date I am supposed to open the gift and the corresponding #.  I thought about sharing all of the photos, but seeing as that would reveal more than just myself, decided to just share the gifts. :)

Day 12
 White Fudge Oreos and a new book...
(why hello late night snack attack and reading fest!)

Day 11
 2-sided Basket Inserts, Bags for gifting muffin/cookie mix, 
Fudge Minty Middle Cookies
(can't wait to try making these once I learn how to use my sewing machine...and oh...those cookies...
they're a celebration on their own!)

Day 10
Snowman plate and spreader, Christmas Travel Mug, and Starbucks Via
(it's christmas party & cheeseball time!  and oh, how I love coffee!)

Day 9
Gingerbread House Kit 
(looking forward to this fun family activity Thanksgiving weekend!!)

Thanks Mom and Dad for loving me in such a fun way and making my (sometimes dreaded) birthday pleasant and exciting.  


Nae and Clara said...

Love this idea. Happy early birthday!


LittleFisherMama said...

This is adorable!! Happy early birthday to you. May have to borrow this idea for my hubby. :o) We both have "milestone" years next year!

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