"If ya like it then ya shoulda put a pin on it..."

You sang it didn't you?

And now you're smiling. Right? And now you'll be singing it for the rest of the day. You're welcome. :-)


I've certainly spent enough time talking about it on here, with promises, promises to explain what it is for those of you who may not know. Basically, it is a virtual bulletin board where you can post pictures of things (with links to blog posts, articles, retail sites, etc included) that you find interesting. Then, you can view your friends' boards to see what they find interesting. You can look to see the newest pins that everyone on pinterest has pinned within the last few seconds. You can search for pins by topic. Really, the possibilities are endless. OH...and I almost forgot one of the very important features. You download a small little "button" to your toolbar so that when you are browsing online and see something you like, you just click the little "Pin It" button and it links you directly to your boards (which you will have nicely categorized) so you can save it in an organized fashion, instead of dumping it in some favorites folder never to be looked at again. (just me?) What I have been doing lately is when I look through magazines and see something I want to remember, I go to the magazine website and usually find that article, recipe, etc, and post it to my appropriate board on pinterest. Also, when friends recommend recipes online, I do the same. You can choose whether to have your facebook and pinterest accounts linked so that you can post your pins on facebook also. I have mine set so that I choose which pins go on facebook.

Categories... I have 20 boards (you can name them yourself). I don't know that there's a limit to how many boards you can have. My boards (in case you can't see them) are the following categories:

Organization....How I Love You!
All Things Kiddos
It's Party Time!
Gettin' All Crafty
'Cause I'm a Foodie
The Dream Home
The Most Wonderful Time...
What Makes Me...Me
One Day I Will Travel the World...
So Many Books...
Home Improvement Ideas...
Christmas Ideas (a shared file with my sister in law!!)
Style...The Kind I Wish I Had
Addicted. To. Shoes. (and Purses)
Way Back When
Making My Garden Grow
Homeschooling Resources
All Things Natural

Some of my favorite things to see on pinterest are: recipes, DIY home improvement projects, craft projects, fun ideas to do with kids, fashion ideas, home decorating ideas, quotes.

So...there's a little red link on the left hand side under our picture that will take you to pinterest... Need I say more?!?

But...be warned...it's like a black hole...it will CONSUME your time.

Stay tuned for my upcoming post on managing internet time...

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