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we celebrated our 7th anniversary in may.  sometimes i can't believe it's been that long and other times i wonder where the time has gone, because wasn't it just yesterday we were on our honeymoon?!?  i think that's a good thing...when you feel like you've been with someone forever, but yet, it's been so great that you just don't know where the time has gone.  couples who have been married for 40, 50, even 60 years say the same thing.  i feel like i have nothing to offer when i look at them, because they have had SO much more experience than me with my 7 years.  but...they had 7 years...and then 7 more...and then 7 more...and so on...  so, everyone has to start somewhere.  

in those 7 years, we have read a handful (and it really is a handful considering just how many are out there!) of books, specifically pertaining to marriage.  all of them have been good, but there have been 3 that have really "hit home" with me.  if you haven't read them, i encourage you to secure a copy as soon as you can and read it with your spouse, or read it individually and then make time to discuss it together.  we actually went on a date several months ago for the purpose of discussing one of these books that we had read individually.  i was pleased to find that at least 2 of them are available through my local library system, but there's always used copies on amazon, or post on facebook and see if a friend has a copy you can borrow.  :)   if you have read them, i'd love to know your feedback.

the subtitle to this book doesn't show up in this little box, but the subtitle says, "What if God Designed Marriage to Make Us Holy more Than Happy?"  that is a good summary of what the book is about (imagine that!). "Your marriage is more than a sacred covenant with another person.  It is a spiritual discipline designed to help you know God better, trust him more fully, and love him more deeply."  we read this book together several years ago (before C) and it sparked a lot of good discussions between us.  i've been wanting to read it again, because i feel like i need the reminders...constantly.  i'm forgetful, y'all.  gary thomas also has two other books out that i really want to read (in fact i had them from the library but had to return them before i was able to read them.)...sacred influence - for wives, and sacred parenting...for parents, obviously. :)

i have to admit that of these 3 books i am listing here, this one is probably my 3rd choice.  but, it did make the cut and it is being discussed here, so obviously i thought it was good.  watch out -- this one is pretty convicting, if i remember correctly...it's been awhile since we read this one too.  Dave Harvey not only offers a biblical diagnosis of marital strife, but prescribes the cure as well - the gospel.  When Sinners Say "I Do" provides clarity in conflict, hope in despair, and points the way to a joy-filled, God glorifying marriage. -- C.J. Mahaney  the style of this one is a little bit lighter and i remember having several laughs as we read.


this is our most recent read of the three, and my favorite.  i think i can safely say that this book profoundly changed a lot of the ideas i had about marriage and really helped me to understand the roles of husbands and wives so much better.  i was NOT on-board with everything in this book because of some personality differences and ways in which i felt the author was being stereo-typical of men and women, but for the most part i thought he had some great things to say.  he has 6 chapters of practical helps for wives to know what it really means to respect their husbands, and 6 chapters of practical helps for husbands to know what it really means to love their wives.  while not all of these things will appeal to all couples, i think every couple can find something on the list that they can relate to.  if nothing else, it really gets you to talking (or it did us) and communicating about feelings, needs, etc.  while the other two books focus more on the individual's and couple's spiritual lives, this focuses more on practically living that out.  both are so important for a healthy, God-glorifying marriage.  

SO -- if you were looking for something to read...look no further. :)  again, if you have read any of these books, i'd love to hear your feedback, and probably so would the rest of the readers...because they need more than just MY opinion. :-)

PS - thanks to y'all who have told me recently that you enjoy reading this blog.  i enjoy writing it and sharing our lives with you.  thanks for reading and encouraging me!

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sherri lynn said...

We read Sacred Marriage before we got married, and I love thinking about that question - holier instead of happier. I'm also reading Love & Respect now. I really like Part 2 where he gives the acrostics to help us remember to respect/love each other. I'll have to check out When Sinners Say I Do!

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