manicure... (on the cheap)

i like pretty nails. but i don't have pretty nails. it's not that i bite them or can't grow them...it's just that i'm a mom and homemaker and i like to work in the yard...so between the dishes, cleaning, yardwork, etc, my nails just don't look pretty. ENTER do-it-yourself manicure time!

i was introduced to these two fine products several months ago when i had a coupon for $1.00 off kiss nails and read a 'heads-up' on a blog that dollar general had these sets for $2.00. i decided to give it a try. i love the look, loved the price, and was pretty much hooked. i don't do my nails ALL the time, because i don't have that much time that i want to spend on it, and it seems kind of silly if i'm just going to be working around the house anyway. BUT, i do enjoy doing them for special occasions, or if we're going out of town (because i do WAY LESS dishes, cleaning, laundry, and yardwork when we're out of town....funny how that works! ;-))
2 essentials (well...in addition to the nails and the glue!) - nail clippers and a good nail file. i like the 3 or 4 sided nail files that you can purchase at drugstores. trim and file your own nails before applying glue and artificial nails. be careful with the glue...i've glued my fingers together and other uncoordinated things with that stuff. speaking of glue....this is where i'd like to insert that i have a great husband. i texted him at 9:30 one night last week while he was out running errands to ask if he would stop by dollar general and pick up some nail glue for me b/c the top was glued shut on mine. he was so sweet to stop and to squeeze through the aisle where they had stacked all the merchandise to be re-stocked in order to get the glue for me. :) so...nails like the ones pictured here are $2.00 at dollar general, and the glue is $1.50. it takes about 15-20 minutes start-finish....trimming nails, applying artificial nails and trimming those (if desired). i'll take that over a $25 salon manicure...ANY DAY.
here's the finished look. i was pleased and i've had several people comment on them and they were surprised that i did them myself....so...psst....you can't tell. ;-)
as far as how well they hold up -- i'll have to say that this particular set has held up far better than the ones i have used previously, but i'm pretty sure i bought the same exact kind. normally after about the 3rd or 4th day i start to see the white chipping off or the glue comes off, but these still look pretty good and I've been working inside and out in the yard for the past 3 days...including garden work, brush work, painting, dishes, laundry, etc.... (i did wear gloves for the painting/gardening). here's what they look like today...and i did them on thursday...so 1 week tomorrow night. (sorry the pic is blurry)
(my pinkie nail came off this morning, so i had to glue it back on and had a glue explosion, so the white crusty stuff around the pinkie nail is glue...but, a little warm water and it will probably come off....if i can ever remember to do it...hmm...maybe i'll go right now!)

be sure to read all labels before using these products so you know what you're dealing with, and enjoy your manicure....and i won't tell anyone you did it yourself...it'll be our little secret. :)

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