May 14, 17, 19, and 20

As is typical when I try to blog on a daily basis, some days just get skipped.  I think I've missed at least 3 this month so far...

May 15 - There simply are no words.

May 15 - She used to just smile whenever I tried to take her picture...

May 15 - Occasionally, she still does. 

May 17 - Saturday mornings are for Jenga games and Oatmeal, right?

May 19 - I can't believe these roses are still this gorgeous one week later!

May 19 - Harvesting peas from our garden

May 20 - I'm one of those crazies that finds ironing therapeutic

May 20 - No one was injured during the process

May 20 - I'm so thankful every time I see honeybees

May 20 - Honeysuckle

May 20 - I'm glad for the bumblebees too

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