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I'm always interested in what other people are reading, so I thought I'd share what I'm working through (hopefully) for the month.  I do a lot less reading in the summer, because we are outside so much more, but as we ease into the cooler months, I'm finding myself drawn to my books so much more.

I've enjoy Courtney Joseph's blog for several years now and from it have discovered many other bloggers and authors that I find encouraging.  During the long days at home by myself with an infant, Courtney and others became a network for me that encouraged and challenged me.  I was excited to read that she was writing a book, and couldn't wait to put it on my Christmas list, so I've been enjoying working through this book.
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Courtney has written a study guide of questions to go along with the readings, and that is available HERE.  Mandy over at Biblical Homemaking (another of my favorite blogs) is doing a weekly study through the book also and she has developed a study guide as well.  You can find links to those posts HERE.  I have found that it is so much more profitable to read a book with a study guide to help you digest what you are reading.

Lauren over at Only From Scratch suggested reading this book for the month of November, and I was going to wait on this one too, but something prompted me to go ahead and purchase the e-book and try to keep up, and I am SO glad that I did.  The first four days have already proved to be exactly what I need to be hearing right this minute.

The book is divided up into a devotional type reading for each day with an invitation (from God) taken directly from Scripture, a suggestion for praise songs to listen to for each day (I'm creating a Spotify playlist with all of them), a prayer for the day, and some questions to ponder/journal.  2-3 pages max, so easily do-able at some point in the day.  To whet your appetite for it, here are a few of the quotes that have stood out to me in the last couple of days...  They are random and not necessarily in order...

God invites us to praise Him, not just because praise gives God His due, but also because of what it does in us and for us.  Praise restores our faith, fills us with joy, calms our fears, and inspires us to love and obey God.

When you hear God speak to you in prayer, don't second-guess or question whether you imagined His voice.  Instead, trust by faith that you did hear His voice and then respond in obedience and faith.

Today, worship and praise Me for My wisdom.  Every time you face a perplexing decision, praise Me that I can show you what to do.

Every time you feel an uncertain angst in your soul, praise God immediately that He will give you discernment for that moment.

When you are weak and you praise Me, you give Me the opportunity to showcase My power.  So don't be discouraged by your weaknesses; instead, praise Me that I promise to sustain and help you.

Those who put their hope in You will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not faint.  Thank You that when I feel weak, I can move out of the way and trust Your strength.  I praise You this day that You will provide the strength I need to be who You have called me to be.

I've been a part of a mom's group/book study for several years now, though my attendance has been lacking in recent months due to scheduling conflicts.  This group has been a huge encouragement to me and a challenge to me in my Christian walk.  They are currently studying this book and I am reading along so that I will be caught up when I do finally get to attend a meeting.  I have studied this book once before, and will openly admit that I didn't love it, but I'm giving it a second chance, trusting that God will use it.

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My daughter has some dental issues that we are currently studying and researching.  Research tends to open cans of worms that you wish you could just stuff back in and seal up and pretend you never even broke the seal.  I'm overwhelmed by the information, but trying to learn how we might best treat her issues in the most natural way possible.  I'm about halfway through this book and I need to get busy finishing it before I have to return it to the library.
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Finally, I'm looking forward to the Good Morning Girls Thanksgiving study starting on November 11.  I've been participating in the GMG studies for a few years now and I'm so thankful for that ministry and the gift that it has been to me and so many others.  

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I've also been enjoying flipping through some holiday magazines, cook books, and crafting books...but there are way too many of them to list here.

What are you reading, these days?

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Rachael said...

These books you recommended look so good. The 30 day praise challenge and women living well books I put on my christmas list. Hopefully I'll get them. I'm itching to read the 30 day one right now. Thanks for all this great info!

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