While we're not officially done with summer yet, everyone else is getting ready to go or already started back to school.  And, while I've thoroughly enjoyed our relaxing summer (pool days in abundance!), I've found myself craving structure, organization, and yes, even a schedule.  While there are many days when I throw the schedule out the window and just "go with the flow," there are also a good many days that we do try to adhere to a schedule for the most part...at this stage of life it's a "loose" schedule, but it mostly keeps me focused and accountable for being a good steward of my time (or at least that's my intention...).  SO, over the course of a few evenings last week and a few hours on Saturday afternoon, I was able to put together a daily schedule for us and on it I have just about every hour from 6am-11pm assigned.  Yesterday was our first day "following" it and I have to say that we both seemed to be much happier campers.  

C is three...as she is quick to tell anyone who will listen. :)  She loves to learn.  She is a sponge.  I love watching her learn and I love the gift I've been given to be able to teach her about God's world.  At this age, she needs SO. MUCH. TIME to play, pretend, imagine, and explore, but she also enjoys more structured learning times too.  So, as part of our schedule, we are starting some pre-school type work, both in worksheet form and of course LOTS of hands on.  I hope to spend some time planning for each month and working around a theme.  I'm not sure who is more excited about this...me, or her.    :)

You know I have a love affair/addiction with Pinterest, but I'm happy to say that I have found so many helpful resources from that site and it really is helping me to improve in many of my responsibilities.  Time management NOT being one of them.  Ahem.  The point being -- I discovered some scheduling tools from pinterest that I wanted to share...

This cleaning agenda is what I'm hoping to stick with on normal weeks 
when I can just clean a little bit each day.

If I decide to clean the house all in one day, I'll probably follow this method.

And I love this deep cleaning schedule,
I just wonder if some of these things need to be cleaned more than once a year!

All of these schedules are kept in my home management binder, and I found lots of helpful (and FREE)  printables HERE.

And, THIS is a fun daily schedule printable that I use sometimes, and other times I just use a more boring gray/white one.

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