Hey you....remember me?!?  I'm back and I'm going to try to keep up with posting for April...hahaha...famous last words, right?  In an effort to re-cap March, here's a heavy picture post for you...  describing March would take forever since we had LOTS of family in town for visits, went out of town once ourselves, and had a missions conference at church...just to name a few things!

the beginning of the month found us taking cover in the basement of our church and wondering if we might see another tornado in our area.  there were tornadoes nearby, but thankfully none too close.

we enjoyed a visit to the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville

being a foodie, I'm always excited to visit new restaurants and this one did NOT disappoint!

we enjoyed a fountain show after dinner.

and we enjoyed the (heated) outdoor pool...in the middle of march!

we found a nest of baby rabbits in our yard...

and we put in the first of the garden plants...
(for now, 5 strawberry plants, a 15' row of lettuce and one of spinach)

enjoyed a bouncy house at a spring festival...perfect day for pigtails!

went park-hopping with the grandparents!

got to see my cousin fly

yep...he's pretty cool!

part of the AF pilot's fan-club...

homemade Resurrection Eggs...

a rainy afternoon at home = pinterest project time!

Here's hoping there are LOTS more posts in April and just as many or more pictures!  Thanks for not giving up on me! :-)

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