Thankful Thursday: doubled.

Gifts #76 - 118
- 2 bathrooms clean & fresh by 7:30am
- a clean home to enjoy
- a spring evening breeze in January
- lunch with a friend
- a good Dr. report
- an afternoon with my girl
- prayers not forgotten
- love and care for my daughter (from others)
- mind reading
- "Give Me Jesus..."
- his "good morning"
- the morning light making everything in the kitchen beautiful
- egg cartons turned caterpillars
- new mornings and beginnings
- a long-forgotten recipe
- her delight in making "A"
- snuggles in the dark of morning with her
- tiny baby features preserved through photography
- a church's amazing willingness
- the warmth of home
- sweet sleep following a long day
- "arise....arise...mommy sing arise like in church...?"
- birds preaching of His creation
- her saying she wanted to give Mommy and Daddy a hug and a kiss
- reviewing this list
- precious scribbles
- being able to cross off all the needs on my grocery list
- helping clean-up toys from the floor
- watching her enjoy popcorn
- the burn of muscles stagnant for too long
- handmade blankets that she loves
- a very secure roof with n'ere a leak!
- clothes in abundance filling closets and drawers
- a warm morning
- showing her a centipede
- the garden plot full of promise and anticipation
- crisp, clean sheets
- sweet strawberries in February
- ink all over tiny fingers from a morning spent creating
- duct tape for fixing so many things
- machines that do the hard work for me
- a coffee table to dust

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Angie said...

LOVE the multi-colored ramp! Soooo festive :)

Mom :)

Mary Frances said...

Okay, the ramp looks amazing!!! I love it. And what a beautiful sunset.

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