Thankful Thursday: an early glimpse of Spring...

Gifts #58-75

- small fingernails painted pink
- coffee in the afternoon
- raindrops hanging...and then falling
- a pink sunrise
- memories of the "highs" of dating
- her bed-head all nested and matted and adorable
- the bed all mussed...evidence of slumber
- the bed all made up changing the whole demeanor of the room
- forts made of blankets and pillows
- Mercy - the clouds ye so much dread...are RICH with mercy
- His Fatherlike tending
- the gift of covenants and families and generations that bless His name
- an October sky...in January
- the gray-blue of her eyes
- the sky in his eyes
- timeless treasures in books on loan from those who have walked before
- tiny yellow flowers still blooming (but not needing mowing!)
- the joy of being home, savoring every moment with her

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