Monday Musings: Sin

This list comes from Lies Women Believe, and as an exercise for myself while on vacation in October, I wrote out each verse.  Things stick in your mind better if you write them out -- at least they do for me.  I'd encourage you to at least look up and read the verses, and make time to write them out.  It's enlightening.

  • Sin steals joy.  Psalm 51:12
  • Sin removes confidence.  1 John 3:19-21
  • Sin brings guilt.  Psalm 51:3
  • Sin gives Satan the upper hand.  2 Corinthians 2:9-11
  • Sin quenches God's Spirit.  1 Thessalonians 5:19
  • Sin brings physical damage.  Psalm 31:10; 38:1-11
  • Sin cases an ache in the soul.  Psalm 32:3-4
  • Sin breaks God's heart.  Ephesians 4:30
  • Sin opens the door to other sins.  Isaiah 30:1
  • Sin breaks fellowship with God.  Isaiah 59:1-2
  • Sin produces fear.  Proverbs 28:1
  • Sin makes me its slave.  John 8:34, Romans 6:16

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