A Case of Pumpkin(itis)

I get a little crazy in the Fall and then for the holidays.  It's my absolute favorite time of year from about October through the end of the year.  I love so many things about the season, but of course being a "foodie" I especially get into the seasonal foods.  Pumpkin was my thing this Fall...  {does anyone else always type pumpking?  I do.  Everytime.  My backspace key is going to looooove this post.}  Anyway -- so, very early in the season, I found Pumpkin {backspace} at Aldi for $0.99 a can.  I did a little happy dance right there in the middle of the store, and put a CASE in my cart.  {do you say cart or buggy or basket??}  So I decided to share the recipes that resulted from that case.  It is all gone now.  And the store is out of it.  Until next year, dear pumpkin {backspace}.  Sniff, sniff. 

Pumpkin Pie (of course) 
I used the recipe from the side of the can.

(and some Pumpkin Bread hiding there in the background) 

And then the recipes that I don't actually have pictures for:
We made multiple batches of several of these, and gave away a lot of muffins, bread, and pumpkin butter.  We are still enjoying the last of the muffins and pumpkin butter.  

What's your favorite recipe using pumpkin?


brite said...

Thanks for the pumpkin oatmeal reminder! The house is all cheery and decorated for Christmas, and to my shock I realized I'd never taken down the pumpkins from the porch (until yesterday!). So I have two pumpkins to cook, and I'll be having a little pumpkin fest, too!

Mandy said...

That pumpkin oatmeal looks A.MA.ZING.

Mary Frances R. said...

My mom gave me a container of pumpkin puree to take back to school after Fall Break. I made pumpkin pancakes and pumpkin monkey bread, both of which were delicious!! (in my humble opinion) :) I'll have to try pumpkin butter next year!

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