Tuesday Tips (on Wednesday): Reuse!

You know...it is amazing how a search for "butter" on Pinterest provides SO many jokes about Paula Deen....Wow.  
But, on to the topic at hand...  What do you do with these?

I typically throw mine away...but not anymore!  Thanks to my friend, Grete, who suggested saving them to use for greasing baking pans, mine will be neatly folded (messy side in) and placed in a ziploc bag in my refrigerator.  A quick google search suggested other ideas such as using them to push rice krispie treats into a pan (mess-free!), or separating ground meat patties for freezing...

So...do you save your butter wrappers, and if so, what do you use them for?!?


Jacinda @ Growing Home said...

Awesome idea! I always threw mine out too but saving a few cents is worth the sticky fingers to me! :-)

Lisa Maria said...

Hi there, visiting from Living Well Wednesdays. I have to admit that when I saw the heading I immediately thought of Paula myself ;-) I've always loved her cooking show.. she's outrageous!

I save my papers to grease pans as well as to line the tins when its slow baking cakes like fruitcake. Using them to separate homemade burgers etc is a great idea too... thanks for the tip!

God bless!

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