couponing videos...for newbies

Most of you know that I am a couponer...not an extreme couponer...just a couponer. Some of you have asked me questions about this, and I try to share what I've learned, but it's hard to do that briefly. I haven't posted much about couponing lately because there are so many sites out there that do a great job. A few of my favorites are listed in THIS POST.

Colin over at Hip2Save has some fantastic videos on couponing...everything from explaining how to organize a coupon binder to shopping at specific stores. For awhile, she had a series where she posted a video every Monday morning called, "Coffee with Colin", and my husband will tell you that I looked forward to watching those videos every Monday night. :) I encourage newbie and seasoned couponers (or those just curious about this whole coupon game) to check out her youtube channel.

Recently Colin posted a 3-part series on "Couponing for Newbies" and I thought it was excellent! I decided to share those videos with you in hopes that it will be helpful.

I love couponing and and I love to talk all things coupons, so if you have any questions before or after watching the videos (or just questions about couponing), please leave me a comment and I'll do my best to answer.

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