while i'm on the subject of nicknames my grandfather had for things....makeup was commonly referred to as "warpaint" in his house...no idea why. :)

i'm a member of Bzzagent and they recently sent me some samples (full size!) of what i like to call "that taylor swift makeup". it's actually called natureluxe by Covergirl.

i'm a clinique girl, through and through....i looked forward to my 15th birthday for YEARS, because that's when mom said she would take me to the clinique counter at the mall for my "makeover" and i could start wearing makeup. ever since then, i've been pretty loyal, trying a few new things here and there. and i still stick to clinique for the basics, but i love to try new stuff too.

the foundation that i normally wear is the clinique almost makeup. (i'm having trouble locating this on their website, so perhaps they are no longer carrying it...?) i like it because it's very light, you can hardly tell you're wearing it....i don't really like to FEEL my makeup. the CG natureluxe goes on light and i don't really notice that i'm wearing it. however, it does need to be washed off. (my secret's out...i don't always wash my face/wash my makeup off before bed....my skin is weird and i've found that washing it at night/washing my makeup off actually makes it break out...gross, i know.) this foundation covers well and i like the "dry" finish that it has. often a foundation leaves my skin looking oily, but this gives a nice powder look w/o powder. the color i received is 330 chamois and i might choose something just a shade or two lighter. it does have SPF10.

i'm practically in LOVE with the lipstick they sent me! the shade is 215 hibiscus and it's gorgeous. just enough pink without being too eyecatching. in my opinion, it's the perfect shade of pink. it goes on more like a gloss, but not too shiny. i can't stand the "feel" of lipstick, so i tend to stick to gloss or lipstain, but this one's a keeper!

i also received (5) coupons for $2.00 off natureluxe silk foundation, exp 8.31.11. if you'd like to try it, leave me a comment and i'll be happy to send you a coupon. (US addresses only)

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