this is a picture of our little garden this year...gardens always look beautiful right after you've worked in them for awhile, so i snapped this picture before things got too icky again. there's lots of gardening going on around here....gardening of the outside plant-life kind, and gardening of the inside spiritual-life kind. tomorrow will be 2 weeks since an F-3 tornado came through our neighborhood. thankfully, no one was killed or badly injured. i'm not really at a point where i'm ready to post about this yet, but that's the reason for the lack of posting these last couple of weeks. i think i'm ready to get back into this. we have much to be thankful for and really didn't have much damage, considering our friends down the street and neighbors around the corner no longer have houses. so, without any further rambling, here's the count for our garden, and yes, i'm shamelessly copying my friend, brite's idea...

6 broccoli
6 cauliflower (5 are still alive...)
4 (slicing) tomato
2 (salsa) tomato
2 green pepper
1 red pepper
1 yellow pepper
1 orange pepper
5 cucumbers
4 yellow squash
4 zucchini squash
10 spring mix lettuce
8 rows corn/bush beans interspersed
1 rosemary
2 chives

ps -- gardening has been put on hold indefinitely until the cicadas decide they're done overtaking our yard. it is not an exaggeration to say that there are thousands of them in our backyard. after having them get inside my clothing on 2 separate occasions, i have no desire to visit the backyard anytime soon...well, i have the desire, but not the guts. perhaps i need to do a post on cicadas...

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