starting over (again...)

as some of you noticed, i shut down the ol' blog for awhile to regroup....that's what we'll call it. i've been struggling with whether to continue blogging at all, make it public, keep it private, personal posts, homemaking posts, frugality posts, so many thoughts swirling in my head. i finally realized that i just love having this outlet to post whatever suits me each day, and really, isn't that what blogging is all about anyway?!? so, here we are, back again, with a new look (that i'm still working on). the plan is to post about whatever happens to come to mind...but i'm open to suggestions...things you'd like to see, etc. i am thinking of "going public" again, which means i'll be keeping things pretty anonymous (and ask the same of you in comments). so, here goes...hope you're entertained, and more importantly, blessed by this glimpse into our lives.

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